Facial treatments

With Dermalogica products

Face Map (skin analysis)Free
Microzone (20 min targeted treatment)€ 29,00
BioSurface Peel (75 min)€ 95,00
The Short Dermalogica Treatment (50 min)€ 59,50
THE Dermalogica Treatment (75 min)€ 76,50
The LUXE Dermalogica Treatment (75 min)€ 87,50
Ion Active Power Treatment (75 min)€ 98,00

With Guinot products

Hydraclean (with thermoclean electrode)from € 30,-
Eye Logic€ 50,00
Aromatic Visage (with essential oils)€ 69,50
Liftosome (with heating mask)€ 77,50
Hydrapeeling Hydrabrasion€ 85,00
Hydra Lift (muscle activating)€ 95,00
Hydrapeeling pH € 95,00
Hydradermie (with iontophoresis)€ 98,00
Age Summum€ 98,00
Hydradermie Youth Age Logic € 107,50

These treatments give optimal results when done in series of treatments.

Beauty Angel ELT Collageenlamp single treatment€24,95
Connective Tissue Massage (40 min)€45,00
Connective Tissue Massage with total skin treatment€90,00
Mesotherapy (40 min)€45,00
Mesotherapy with total skin treatment€90,00
Microdermabrasion (with iontophoresis)€99,00
Unlimited Skin Treatment (75 min)€99,00

All prices quoted are subject to changes and misspellings. Did you make an appointment that you can not fulfill? Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance so that we do not have to charge you 50% of the treatment you have booked!